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    Which type of hob is best?

    Beko offers a range of built-in hobs to suit your everyday needs. Induction hob – Practical and aesthetically pleasing, this easy-to-clean hob saves energy by only heating the surface of the pan you are cooking with and not its surroundings so you can save money on your energy bills. Ceramic hob – Provides an easy to clean surface whilst contributing a sleek finish to any kitchen. These hobs, have a smooth, straight surface to facilitate easy cleaning and switching round of pans from burner to burner. A built-in gas hob with cast iron pan supports guarantees maximum stability and fast responsive heat while giving a professional look to your kitchen. Equipped with a flame failure safety device, you are safe in knowing that if the flame accidentally goes out, the gas supply will be cut off instantly. Electric solid plate - Typically consisting of four ring heat plates, this hob heats and cools slowly. Weighing in at the lower part of the price scale, electric solid plate hobs are ideal for those on a budget. To find out which hob suits your requirements best, we created this handy Appliance finder.

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