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Are American Style fridge freezers more advanced?

Beko has a range of American style fridge freezers which offer a multitude of advanced features and technology ranging from air flow cooling (ensuring the freezer maintains a stable temperature on every shelf level) to holiday mode settings (keeps the fridge freezer running in the most energy efficient way when you’re absent for lengthy time periods). American style fridge freezers such as the GNEV321AP offer the following features: Automatic plumbed Ice and Water dispenser that distributes your choice of cubed or crushed ice in an instant. NeoFrost freshness via two separate fans and evaporators which maintain optimal humidity and freshness and ensures that there are no cross-channel odours from the fridge to the freezer. External LED touch temperature control – saves time, energy and cold hands. Low temperature (around 0°C) chiller compartment – perfect for storing fresh and cooked meat and fish safely, for longer. Antibacterial door seal which prevents bacteria from forming and entering the fridge. Door open alarm to indicate the door’s been left ajar. Quick cool – a rapid cooling process which enables nutritional food and flavours intact. Chrome wire wine rack – a stylish and convenient way to store both 2 litre bottles of soft drink. Dual cooling system which independently controls the fridge and freezer compartments to their optimum temperatures. For a stylish, effective, and productive fridge freezer – opt for a spacious, double-door American fridge freezer such as this model.

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