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Will buying a freezer and buying food in bulk really save money?

Buying a freezer with the view to buy food in bulk can save money if stocking up on items you would eat on a regular basis so as to avoid buying duplicate food items. Instead of buying smaller packs of vegetables, owning a large freezer such as a Beko Freestanding Frost Free Combi Fridge with four freezer drawers and an ice bank tray makes it possible to buy bigger packets of vegetables and other food items which can make your money go further and feed you and your family for longer. By opting for items in larger packaging, you no longer have to conform to packaged amounts of food – you are in control of how much you need for yourself or your family. Check the price per unit figure – it is typically cheaper when buying larger packages of food. Lots of leftovers? Freezing for another mealtime makes food last longer, saves on cooking and preparation time and harbours financial results, saving you both time and money.

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