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A side-by-side door or double door fridge?

A double door refrigerator can provide you with extensive capacity storage, perfect for growing families and if you are entertaining guests. With its large capacity, versatile storage and smart features, you can store large food items such as meat joints and watermelons with ease. The double door refrigerator is an appealing, more spacious alternative to smaller, inconvenient standard models. Purchase a Beko American Style Fridge Freezer for in-door water and ice on tap, and you don’t even have to manually defrost it thanks to its Frost Free setting. If you are looking to purchase a space-effective model, Beko offers a range of double door and triple door fridge freezers to cater to your individual requirements. For a chilled water dispenser without the side-by-side fridge dimensions, a Freestanding Frost Free Combi Fridge such as the CFD7914AP comes with non-plumbed water dispenser, freezer guard technology (enabling you to position your freezer anywhere, in temperatures as low as -15°C), and has reversible doors so you can place your appliance even in restricted areas. Filled with commodity racks, clear freezer fronts, ice cube trays, and two separate salad crispers, this A+ graded freezer can provide you with the benefits of a side-by-side even if you do not have the space for one. To help you decide which fridge suits you best, we created this handy appliance finder.

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