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What technology should I look for in a fridge freezer?

Finding the right fridge freezer for your home starts with selecting the appliance with the best technology on offer. For example, selecting a fridge freezer with frost free technology could save you time usually spent manually defrosting the inside of your fridge freezer. Beko fridge freezers offer a range of technology and features designed to suit your everyday refrigeration and freezing needs. Working with two separate fans and evaporators, Defrost technology maintains optimal humidity and freshness in your fridge freezer. This technology even ensures that no odours transfer between the fridge and freezer; ideal if you are partial to food and dishes with particularly strong flavours and scents. Fridge freezers with a non-plumbed water dispenser are ideal on days you want instant access to a chilled glass of water and you don’t even need to worry about plumbing anything in. When it comes to installation, a fridge freezer with reversible doors can help you flexibly slot your appliance into the space you have in your home. Or better still, a fridge freezer with Beko’s innovative Freezer Guard Technology enables you to install it in temperatures as low as -15°C – perfect if kitchen space is tight or your fridge freezer is better suited in your garage or outdoor building. Find out more about our Freezer Guard Technology here.

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