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What technology should I look for in a washer dryer?

In addition to being a space-saving solution, washer dryers also offer a range of technology to suit your household. The technology available on washer dryers can range from energy saving washing cycles to wash through dry functionality, where you don’t even have to change the load to dry after it has been cleaned. Beko washer dryers offer a range of technology, features, and programmes to suit all of life’s key moments. Aquafusion technology reduces the amount of wasted detergent and significantly enhances washing performance at the same time. Direct Air Cool Technology, available on premium Beko models doesn’t need water to cool the condenser. By using just air, a washer dryer with this technology can save around 7,500 litres of water per year...that’s enough to fill 95 bath tubs. Not only does this technology drastically save you money on your water bills, it is also friendlier to the environment. Looking for a quieter washer dryer? Opt for a model with a Pro-Smart Inverter Motor for a more energy efficient and quiet operation. Some Beko models even offer an anti-allergy cycle – perfect for households with inhabitants prone to allergies.

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