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About Our Fridge Freezers

We all have those favourite staple items we buy to feed our family and friends. From family dinners to larger social gatherings, Beko fridge freezers are there to keep your food and drink at their best.

Stylish on the outside and spacious on the inside, storing all your favourite food and drink is easy. We understand the need to keep your food stored and chilled, so our fridge freezers come with a range of helpful features. From EverFresh+ technology to Multi-Zone models, plumbed and non-plumbed water dispenser options, as well as frost free functions and reversible doors for flexible installation, there is a Beko fridge freezer designed for your home.

What Makes Our Fridge Freezers Special?

All Beko fridge freezers have an energy rating of at least A+, with some rated A++ for their energy consumption. Our fridge freezers are designed to help keep your favourite food and drink chilled whilst saving you money. The majority of our fridge freezers are fitted with Beko’s special Freezer Guard Technology so you can store our appliances in ambient temperatures as low as -15° - perfect if kitchen space is tight.

Our Different Fridge Freezer Styles

Integrated Fridge Freezers

Reversible Doors

Designing the perfect kitchen takes time and effort so we’ve designed our integrated fridge freezers to be as unobtrusive as possible. Beko’s range of built-in fridge freezers are the perfect way to store and chill your favourite food and drink whilst making the most of the space in your kitchen. And what’s more, our integrated fridge freezers are fitted with reversible doors, so installing them in your home is both flexible and simple.

EcoSmart Fridge Freezers

EcoSmart Feature

We know that when it comes to storing your favourite food and drink, if you’re living in a shared house or have a big family, you need as much space as possible. So when you buy an EcoSmart Beko fridge freezer, not only are you investing in a spacious appliance, you’re also helping the environment by conserving energy.

Combi Fridge Freezers

A+ Energy Rating

If your kitchen is more modest in size, a combi fridge freezer is the appliance for you. With multi-zone compartments, some of these models allow you to switch a compartment from fridge to freezer and vice versa. So on those days where you could do with some extra storage space, it can accommodate your chilling and freezing needs. All our combi fridge freezers have a minimum A+ energy rating, meaning you’ll be saving money and reducing your energy bills.

American Style Fridge Freezers


Beko’s range of American style fridge freezers combines stylish design with maximum room for food storage. In just one freestanding unit, our American style fridge freezers are packed with technology and special features.

Keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days with EverFresh+ technology. To help you on those warmer days, some of our American style fridge freezers are fitted with a non-plumbed or plumbed ice dispenser – perfect for easy access to a refreshing glass of cold water.

Top Mount Fridge Freezer

A top mount fridge freezer is a simple and practical way of chilling and freezing your favourite food and drink. With the freezer fitted on the top, a top mount fridge freezer makes the most of storage space and is fitted with reversible doors for flexible and easy installation, a Beko top mount fridge freezer is a convenient way of storing food and bottles in a range of sizes. With an antibacterial door seal, a top mount fridge freezer is well equipped to prevent bacteria from forming and entering the fridge.

Fridge Freezers Guides and Inspiration

Stainless Steel


Three Door Fridge Freezer with Multi-Zone Compartment



Frost Free Combi Fridge Freezer with EverFresh+



Frost Free Combi Fridge Freezer

Eco Smart
Red Stainless Steel


EcoSmart Three Door Fridge Freezer with Multi-Zone



Frost Free Combi Fridge Freezer

White Silver Black


Frost Free Combi Fridge Freezer

Silver White


Frost Free Combi Fridge Freezer



Frost Free Combi Fridge Freezer

Black Silver White Stainless Steel


Frost Free Combi with Water Dispenser

White Black


Frost Free Combi



Frost Free Combi



Static Fridge Freezer

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