Built-In Oven & Hob Packages


Our built-in oven and hob packages include feature-rich cooking appliances with the latest technologies to help make your everyday life easier. Budget friendly and with their sleek and modern appearance, our built-in packages will add a co-ordinated and seamless look to your kitchen’s design.

Stainless Steel


Built-In Fan Oven & Sealed Plate Hob Package BSF211X

2 Year Guarantee
Stainless Steel


Built-In Fan Oven & Ceramic Hob Package BSF210SX

Stainless Steel


Multifunction Built-in Oven & Induction Hob Pack QSM223X

Stainless Steel


Built-In Fan Oven & Ceramic Hob Package QSF212X

Stainless Steel


Built-In Fan Oven & Gas Hob Package QSF213SX

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