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Ovens Buying Guide

An efficient oven is seen as a staple of any kitchen, ideal for cooking enthusiasts and making meals for the family – it’s a key component when it comes to culinary creativity.

Whether you’re heating up a simple dish for a quick dinner or cooking an elaborate meal from scratch, cooking is an essential part of daily life, so it is only right that you have the best oven to assist you.

Choosing your oven: Questions to bear in mind

There are many different varieties of oven to suit different types of cook from the simple and straightforward to the more elaborate. Beko has a fantastic range of built-in ovens which blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen cabinets. What’s more, all ovens come with a two-year warranty, for added peace of mind.

When it comes to purchasing a new oven, it’s good to bear the following questions in mind…

  1. Does it suit my needs?
  2. Does it have the latest technology?

Does it suit my needs?

single and double ovens


A single oven is perfect for simple dishes and is a great, compact choice if kitchen space is tight. However, if you’re cooking a savoury meal such as chicken with potatoes and want to cut down on cooking time, a double oven allows you to cook different food at separate temperatures and cavities so you get the same top quality cooking results, in less time.

Most double ovens come with a full-sized multifunction or fan oven below and a more compact oven with grill facility at the top. A built-under double oven can conveniently fit underneath a worktop – perfect for tight spots and still have the benefit of double oven!

multi-functional oven

Main function

For a flexible cooking experience, A multi-functional oven (whether single or double) comes with various functions to make the cooking process simpler. They offer the flexibility of using different types of cooking settings within the same cavity, whether it’s baking, roasting or grilling and even include a slow cooking and defrost function so that all your cooking needs are met.

A true fan oven has a single method of cooking, circulating heat around the oven to ensure food is cooked evenly – perfect if you’re a keen baker. Because the circulating air breaks up odours, you can cook foods with strong flavours (i.e. with onions or garlic) together without worrying about the blurring of scents. The oven also heats itself up quickly, which will save you both energy and cooking time.

Does it have the latest technology?

480 degree self-clean function

As well as having different cooking modes within the same oven, certain models come with other useful functions. Cooking is fun but cleaning up afterwards isn’t…so several of our pyrolytic models come with a special programme self-cleaning function to make life even easier – so you can continue to enjoy the fun part of cooking!

With a simple push of a button, the oven heats itself up to an intense 480°C charring any residual grease, spillages and food debris to dust which can be easily swept away once the oven has cooled down – eliminating the need for scrubbing and messy chemicals. To make oven-cleaning a simpler and easier task, Beko came up with a special “nano coating” on certain models, to ensure grease and grime can be easily wiped away. Selected ovens have catalytic liners in their oven interior which absorb cooking grease and reduce food odour, so you won’t need to use any harsh chemicals or cleaning substances, which is kinder to your skin.

easy-to-read digital display

Other features can include an easy-to-read digital display, which indicates which shelf level to use according to what you’re cooking, so that your meal – whether a lasagne or a roast chicken - is cooked to perfection. This fully programmable timer also helps you keep track of cooking times to ensure you deliver that perfect dish, and avoid burning the pizza. The timer on this model can also be used to start and stop the oven at a pre-set time -perfect! Simply set the timer and the oven will alert you when it's time to check your culinary creations.

special door hinges hold up to 22.5kg food

Certain ovens have special door hinges which can hold up to 22.5kg of weight, so you can open the door and slide your casserole dish or cooked joint straight onto the opened door to cool. Some models have a full colour animated LCD display which comes with pre-set built-in recipes and a function to upload further recipes via USB. Each recipe takes you through preparation instructions on the screen then the oven automatically sets itself to the relevant temperature, cooking function and duration making cooking simple and easy.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency + Energy Saving

  • Energy efficiency gradings can give you a quick glance of how much energy oven typically uses.
  • All Beko ovens and cookers are a minimum of A Energy Rated – so opting for one of our ovens can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills.
  • As the energy leader, Beko are proud to be up to 10% more efficient than the average A class ovens, due to fan heating requiring less energy than other models.
Hob Care

Oven Care

  • Consult your manual for comprehensive safety advice before installing and operating your oven.
  • Never use an extension cable, always connect your model to an earthed socket.
  • Children should never operate the oven unsupervised, whether for cooking or using another function (like self-cleaning). Children under 8 should be kept away from the oven at all times.
  • Make sure all ventilation slots are clear of obstruction.
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