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Built-In Buying Guide

High-performance built-in appliances (also known as an ‘integrated appliances’) are designed to fit into a custom made space or concealed behind cupboard doors.

Why Choose Built-In?

Built-in appliances are sleek and versatile when it comes to fitting in with your kitchen décor and with fewer gaps for dirt and dust to get trapped in they’re easy to clean too! Built-in models are an adaptable addition to your kitchen when it comes to installation as they can be installed in-column, at eye-level or underneath worktops. This in turn can help make food preparation significantly easier and free up floor space in the process.

If you want to make good use of a compact kitchen space, and don’t have enough room for freestanding models, integrated appliances are ideal. They’re perfect for open plan kitchens and living rooms and won’t detract from the surrounding décor. All integrated appliances also come with a 2-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in a high quality product.

What’s more, Beko’s EcoSmart built-in devices work to conserve energy so you’ll never use more power and energy than you need to.

Choosing the right built-in appliances for you

Efficient use of space with a built in oven


A built-in oven can be installed underneath a counter top for easy access and use of space. Models range from single to double ovens, so even if you cook big dinners on a regular basis or for yourself on a not-so-regular basis, your cooking needs will still be met. Many of these ovens have a true fan oven and grill facilities to ensure your food is cooked to perfection, and with multi-usage ability, cooking is now a much more flexible and simpler process.

Colours range from stainless steel, white, to black so you can pick the perfect appliance for your colour scheme.

Keep a clean and healthy atmosphere with a built in hood


Beko’s chimney cooker hoods can remove smoke and odour- making your cooking process a lot more positive. These models are a sleek and elegant addition to any kitchen, thanks to their special built-in design. They also come with sophisticated push button controls, together with recirculation filters and aluminium grease filters allowing you to clean and maintain them with minimum hassle. By eliminating airborne grease, and cooking smells, your kitchen will be a cleaner space, and if you have any asthma or allergy sufferers in the house, a cooker hood can help reduce allergens and airborne water – so not only do they look good, they make your kitchen cleaner too!

What’s more, with different styles and colours, lighting solutions and shapes, and with no obligatory requirement to have vent-access, there really is a model to suit every kitchen.

Energy efficient stylish build in washing machines

Washing Machines

Beko’s built-in washing machines come in various sizes, whether it’s a slim depth 6.5kg model for smaller kitchens or an 8kg model for full king size duvets – ideal for larger families and heavy loads. The range also includes ‘A++’ rated washing machines which offer 50% energy saving in comparison to 'A' rated models so not only will you help the environment, you’ll save money too!

An under counter built-in fridge for a stylish kitchen


If you don’t want your appliances to dominate your kitchen, Beko’s under-counter fridge with its built-in design blends easily with the rest of your cabinets. It also has adjustable shelves to ensure all your shopping fits snugly inside, together with an antibacterial door lock for extra hygiene.

ceramic, glass, electric and gas hobs


To complement your built-in oven, you can purchase a Beko built-in hob with models ranging from ceramic, to gas models. Beko hobs not only look great with easy-to-clean surfaces, but are also ideal for safe, energy-efficient cooking. Beko gas hobs come with a special auto-ignition feature which allows you to ignite the heat with the simple turn of a dial, while their 'flame failure' safety device cuts off the power if the flame ever becomes extinguished.

Beko induction hobs come with a variety of features to take the stress out of cooking. Induction hobs feature special sensor technology which recognises the size of your pots and pans to ensure no heat is wasted, saving you time waiting for it to heat up and money on your energy bills. Several induction hobs also come with a special child lock feature to prevent little ones interfering with the heat settings.

Fullsize and slimline dishwashers


Beko’s built-in dishwashers range from full size for larger households to slimline for those who have fewer dishes to wash. Their EcoSmart models have low water consumption, making them friendly for both your wallet and the environment. The dishwashers’ Pro Smart Inverter Motor delivers improved energy efficiency, reduced noise levels, and is more reliable compared to standard motors – and comes with 10 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Beko’s EcoSmart dishwashers are great for both your wallet and the planet, with several models using as little as 6 litres of water to wash a whole load. It’s also ‘whisper quiet’ to ensure minimal noise disturbance which - along with its aesthetically pleasing built-in design - makes it an ideal choice for an open plan kitchen.

For smaller kitchens, Beko’s slimline dishwashers can help lighten the load without taking up too much space. Despite its size, it can hold up to 10 sets of crockery and cutlery, making it ideal to use after dinner parties too.

Reliable built in fridge freezers

Fridge Freezers

If you're looking for a reliable fridge freezer to suit a modern kitchen, then Beko's fantastic range of built-in models are great choices. Several include automatic defrosting technology so you never have to worry about it freezing up. You can also opt for an EcoSmart fridge freezer, which helps to conserve energy and reduce your utility bills.

Tall and under counter built in freezers


A built-in Beko freezer is designed to fit in easily with the rest of your kitchen units. Choose between a tall or under-counter model depending on the size of your kitchen. Certain models have an automatic defrost function, a high-temperature warning light and a special fast freeze compartment to get your shopping at the required temperature in the shortest amount of time.

Discover Beko’s wide range of built-in appliances and choose a model that fits perfectly into your kitchen; spacious or compact.

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