9 May

Beko Ovens: Designed to Make Cooking Enjoyable

When it comes to cooking, the meals you can make in your oven are limitless. From crispy pizzas to succulent roasts, light and bright fairy cakes to comforting apple pies, there are a number of ways you can cook up mouth-watering dishes in the kitchen with the right oven.

Make Cooking Enjoyable

We're celebrating aspiring cooks and food-lovers everywhere by taking a look at how advancements in cooking technology can benefit a wide variety of some of your favourite foods and shake up your cooking repertoire.

Even baking

For baking: Even Baking

The last thing you want after making the mixture for that delicious cake recipe you’ve been craving is to have an uneven batch of cookies, cupcakes, or muffins. Even baking technology makes the fan in the oven circulate the air more evenly, to help provide a consistent cooking temperature, helping you to bake with confidence.

Defrost Function

For defrosting on demand: Defrost Function

Don’t simply rely on a microwave to defrost your desserts, or leaving it out for hours to thaw. If your oven is fitted with a defrosting function, the oven fan circulates the air around the oven, removing the moisture from your food. So not only does this speed up the defrosting process, it’s also completely hygienic and there’s less mess. This function is the perfect answer to avoiding any melted cream escaping from those difficult-to-defrost cream cakes, cheesecakes and cakes with icing.

Bottom Heating Element

For Best-Base Cooking: Bottom Heating Element

Great British Bake Off lovers will know that a soggy bottom can ruin the perfect flan, so for those tasty fruit pies and mouth-watering quiches, a bottom heating element function ensures that the pastry underneath is thoroughly cooked. So pop in your savoury or sweet dish and relax with your family while the base and top of your quiche cooks in perfect harmony.

Fan Cooking

For roasting: Fan Cooking

Think of your oven’s fan as your best friend when it comes to cooking your Sunday roast. The oven fan ensures that your roast potatoes and joints of meat are cooked thoroughly and evenly. So how does it work? Air is drawn to the element; the fan heats the air before evenly distributing it around the oven cavity. Not only does it mean more even cooking but, it’s faster too, saving both time and energy.

Slow Cooking

For magnificent meat: Slow Cooking

No need for a slow cooker with this fantastic built-in feature! Cooking meat at a low temperature for longer is the perfect way to prepare that tender joint with minimum effort. This slow cook function slows down the cooking process enough to fully preserve the juice and flavour of the meat, but also holds on to those all-important and essential nutrients. So if you’re looking for a hearty meal with the family – a slow cooked casserole is ideal!

3D Cooking

For the days where time is short: 3D Cooking

Sitting down to a family dinner is a great way to catch up with each other after a long day. But when you’re all busy and constantly on the go, you might be looking for a way to speed up the cooking process when you get home. 3D Cooking simultaneously uses heat from the bottom heater; upper heater, and fan heater, maximum heat is distributed and quickly heats up the oven. This is ideal for quicker family cooking, and could even heat up your pre-cooked casserole after work.

With the right oven technology, your cooking potential is limitless. Not only can it expand your cooking repertoire, it can make your life easier, save you time when cooking meals for the family, and put the enjoyment back into cooking.

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