Doors tested 300,000 times for proven durability

Whether you're looking for a tall freezer, chest freezer, or under-counter model, Beko has the perfect freezer for every home. While our FreezerGuard technology ensures efficient operation at temperatures as low as -15°C, our testing process guarantees reliability, with every door tested to open and close 300,000 times.

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Looking for a fridge freezer for your garage?

Don’t let the sub-zero temperatures affect your frozen food. Choose a Beko freezer or fridge-freezer with innovative Freezer Guard Technology.

Keep Food Frozen

Save time with frost free freezers

Frost Free freezers prevent ice from building up in the freezer so you won’t need to spend time and effort defrosting it yourself.

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Beko Freezers Reviews

We welcome customer reviews for all our freezers. We work alongside review collection platform Feefo to gather your honest opinions and share genuine independent reviews of our products.

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Beko Freezers Are Rated
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How does a freezer work?

Freezers help preserve food by removing the heat from the inside of the appliance. In a similar manner to a fridge, a freezer uses the process of evaporation to keep food fresh. All freezers feature a compressor, which is a pump that compresses refrigerant in gas form. Following this, the gas is condensed into a hot liquid. Once the refrigerant has passed through the condenser coils, it travels to the evaporator coils cooling compartment, where it expands into a gas, making the coils cold in the process. Finally, the gas flows back to the compressor where it is converted into a liquid as the cycle continues.