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How to fix your washing machine if it stops mid-cycle

If your Beko washing machine is stopping mid-cycle, there are several things you can check to help resolve the problem. Here are the most common issues and how to fix them:

  1. Is your washing machine receiving enough water from the main supply? If the water supplied to your Beko washing machine is too weak, this may cause the machine to stop mid-cycle. Read our simple guide to testing the water supply.
  2. Is the water inlet filter blocked? The water inlet is attached to the back of your washing machine and the water inlet hose. Make sure your washing machine is switched off then follow these steps to check it:
    1. Locate the water inlet at the back of the washing machine. Please note washing machines are heavy, be careful when lifting and moving. We strongly recommend you have someone assist you when lifting, tilting and moving your washing machine.
    2. Detach the hose be twisting the connector by hand. Wash the hose thoroughly in warm soapy water.
    3. The filter can now be removed from the inlet in the back of the machine. Use a pair of plyers to carefully pull the filter out.
    4. Wash the filter in warm, soapy water.
    5. Replace the filter, round side first into the inlet and reattach the water inlet hose.
  3. Are the pump or filter dirty or blocked? This can cause performance issues with your washing machine and cause it to stop mid-cycle. See our how to remove and clean the pump filter guide.

If you notice your Beko washing machine is taking much longer to complete programs than it should, this guide will show you some of the potential issues and how to fix them.

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