13 Mar

Programme Clean Oven

Beko Programme Clean oven and microwave

With the Beko Programme Clean Built-in Oven OIM22500XP there is no need for expensive and messy cleaning chemicals. No need to scrub and scrape. Just push the button and the oven heats up to 480ºC turning food scraps, fat and oil spillages into ash, which can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth.

The spectacular results are achieved economically - the cleaning cycle costs around 25p or even less using the oven’s delayed start to take advantage of off-peak electricity.

Main features of the programme clean oven

Main Features

  • 4 RapidLite induction ceramic zones
  • "A" energy rating
  • 35% Faster pre-heat with Heat Booster
  • Massive oven capacity 65 litres
  • Extra Large 20% larger capacity
  • Multi-Dimensional Cooking
  • Large display programmable electronic timer
  • Push-in push-out control knobs
  • Telescopic shelf system
  • Easy-Clean quadruple glazed oven door – with full inner glass door

Electronic Display

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to use
  • Sensitive Temperature Adjustment
  • Cooking Rack Level Suggestion
Multi function cooking

Multi Function Cooking

  • Multiple preset cooking functions including;
  • Static, Static+Fan, Fan Heating, Eco-Fan, Grill, Fan+Grill, Low Grill
  • 3 Dimensional cooking - Convenient and time saving - up to 3 dishes can be cooked on different shelves without taste or smell compromise
  • Pizza
  • Bottom Heater and Keep Warm
  • Defrost

Special Cleaning Programmes

  • Full Programme Clean – for heavily soiled ovens
  • Eco Programme Clean – for lightly soiled ovens
  • No need for expensive and abrasive detergents
  • Economic – a cleaning cycle costs around 25p (during peak electricity period)
  • During the cycle the oven automatically locks itself while the special four glass layer Cool Door system will ensure maximum safety

Programmable Cleaning Oven and Induction Hob

A closeup CGI Feature of the Beko Programmable Clean (Pyro) Oven and Induction Hob.

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