What’s the difference between a built in and built under oven?

When looking for a new built-in oven, it is important to consider what type of built-in oven would best fit in your home. From single ovens to double ovens, there’s a wide variety to choose from. To select your perfect oven, you will need to decide whether you would prefer a built-in or a built-under oven.

Single Oven

If you are looking for an oven that is positioned at eye-level, meaning you won’t have to bend down to retrieve your food, then a built-in oven is the perfect choice. Designed to fit within a kitchen cabinet unit, built-in ovens blend seamlessly into your kitchen, creating a modern design. As previously mentioned, the main difference between a built-in oven and a built-under oven is their positioning in a kitchen unit. While a built-under oven is designed to fit under your kitchen cabinet, a built-in oven can be placed at eye level within a kitchen cabinet unit. To find out more, browse our full range of built-in ovens .

Double Oven

Perfect for creating a minimalist look to your kitchen, built under ovens are designed to fit under your kitchen cabinet. The main difference between a built-in oven and a built-under oven is that built-under ovens are positioned closer to the floor. However, when compared to a freestanding cooker, built-under ovens can save a lot of space, whilst still providing the freestanding cooker experience for users. You can also select your ideal hob to sit on top of the cabinets, creating the perfect kitchen appliance pairing for your home. For more information, explore our full range of built under double ovens.

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