My oven is not heating up.

There are numerous reasons why your gas oven or electric oven may not be heating up. If you are finding that your oven is not heating up, despite the hobs working, it is important to make sure the clock has been set on your appliance.

Most new ovens will not work unless the clock has been set. To find out how to set the clock on your Beko oven, please watch the above video. Alternatively, please refer to the instruction manual for your specific appliance model to find out how to set the clock. If the clock has been set on your oven but you are still experiencing the same problem, please follow the below instructions:

  • Your oven may not be heating up due to a fuse defect or tripping. To resolve this, check the fuses in your fuse box and, if necessary, replace or reset them.
  • It may be that your appliance is not plugged into the grounded socket. Make sure you have checked the plug connection.
  • The buttons/knobs/keys on your appliance’s control panel may not be functioning. If your product is equipped with a key lock function, make sure this is disabled.
  • Your oven may not be set to the correct cooking function and/or temperature. To resolve this, make sure you have set the oven to an appropriate cooking function/temperature.
  • For models equipped with a Minute Minder (mechanical timer) ensure that the dial is set to manual mode. This is usually a “hand” or “infinity” symbol.

Still experiencing problems? If this does not solve the problem, please click for details on how to contact support. Our expert team of advisers will be more than happy to organise technical assistance for you. We do not recommend that you try to repair the appliance yourself.

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