How to use and maintain your Tumble Dryer

1. Don’t place the tumble dryer on carpet: The dryer will get hot and fluff can catch in the carpet pile which is a fire risk.

2. Only put items in the tumble dryer which are suitable for tumble drying. Items which aren’t suitable can be a fire risk if tumble dried. Ensure that any items placed in the tumble dryer are free from oil, dry cleaning solution or any alcohol based solutions as they can ignite during the drying cycle.

3. Ensure that the lint filter is cleaned after every cycle. For condenser dryers clean the condenser in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Build-up of fluff can be a fire risk,

4. Don’t stop the dryer mid cycle. It is possible that heat can continue to build in the drum and lead the clothes to ignite. This can occur several hours after the dryer has been stopped. This is known as “super heating” If you do stop the dryer mid cycle, or the dryer stops mid cycle due to power failure or a fault, remove and separate the clothes immediately to prevent this.

5. Don’t start the dryer and go out or go to bed for the reasons stated in point 4. Whilst the dryer does not need continuous monitoring, it should not be left running whilst completely unattended.

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