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How to Change the Temperature in your Fridge Freezer

Whether you’ve recently purchased a Beko fridge freezer, or you’ve owned one for several years, you’ll need to know how to change its temperature to keep your food perfectly fresh or frozen every day. We’ve put together this handy how-to guide to help you see how to change the temperature in your fridge freezer. Watch the video, or follow the steps below to find out how to do this. To help you understand the way our temperatures work, here’s a helpful chart which shows what each temperature setting means:

Dial Display Temperature Setting
0 Cooling system off
Minimum or 1 Warmest setting
2 or 3 Recommended setting
Maximum or 5 Coolest Setting

How to Set the Temperature

  1. Locate the dial which is situated at the top, or in the middle of the fridge or freezer section. Note: This dial controls both the fridge and freezer temperatures.
  2. Turn the dial to the 2 or 3 setting for everyday refrigeration use. Note: We recommend the average temperature inside the fridge to be around 4°C to 5°C and the freezer temperature to be around -18°C.

Things to Know:

There are a few details that we thought you should know, to help you keep your fridge freezer at its best possible temperatures to keep your food both fresh and frozen.

  1. The temperatures inside the fridge fluctuate – the coldest region is immediately above the vegetable compartment
  2. The interior temperature depends on the ambient temperature, the amount of food kept inside, and how often the door is opened. Note: We recommend closing the door as soon as you are done using your fridge freezer, otherwise the internal temperature will rise.
  3. The ‘maximum’ setting is ideal after a big shop, when you need to cool items down quickly, or on a hot summer day
  4. The ‘minimum’ setting is ideal for colder months, or if you go on holiday as the door won’t be opened regularly; helping you to save energy
  5. Some fridge freezer models have a 0 setting which will switch the cooling system off completely
  6. If you have a fridge freezer with a digital display, you can adjust the temperature at the touch of a button

If you have any questions regarding these steps please feel free to contact our customer service team with the model and serial number of your fridge freezer. They will be happy to assist to you.