How to clean and maintain your Beko Espresso Coffee Machine

How to clean and maintain your Beko Espresso Coffee Machine

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the mains supply outlet.
  2. Pour away all the water in the internal and external drip tray.
  3. Use a damped cloth or non-scratching cleaner to clean the water stains on the appliance. Never use any abrasive, vinegar, or descaling agents not included in the box to clean the appliance.
  4. Remove the external drip tray. Once this is removed, slide open the internal drip tray and the coffee grounds container.
  5. Unlock the steam nozzle cover by turning it to left and pull it downward to remove. Remove the metal tube by pulling it downward.
  6. Empty the coffee grounds container, external drip tray, nozzle cover and metal tube. Once empty, wash the appliance parts with fresh water and dry thoroughly.
  7. Place the metal tube back onto the nozzle cover. Then push upward to place the nozzle cover back. Turn the steam nozzle to the right to lock it in place.
  8. Pull down the service door and remove it.
  9. Press the release knob and remove the brewer.
  10. Wash the brewer with fresh water and dry thoroughly.

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