How to Install a Microwave

How to install a microwave

If you’ve recently purchased a Beko microwave, you will need to correctly install the appliance before it is ready to use. Installing your new Beko microwave is quick and easy. To help you correctly install your new microwave, we’ve put together this how-to guide to help you get started.

Installing a Microwave

Installing your microwave:

  1. Remove any protective films, stickers, and any other packaging on the appliance.
  2. Check the appliance for any damage. If you notice any issues with the product, notify the dealer immediately or contact our customer service team at 0333 207 9710.
  3. Choose a safe and stable surface with an easily reachable power supply to place the appliance on.
  4. Microwave ovens must be placed in a dry, non-corrosive environment, away from sources of heat and humidity, such as gas burners or water tanks, and away from TVs, radios, or antennas.
  5. To ensure sufficient ventilation for the product, the distance between the back of the microwave and the wall should be at least 10cm. Equally, the distance between the microwave’s side and a wall should be at least 10cm, and the space above the microwave’s top surface should be at least 20cm.
  6. Unwind and straighten the power cord and insert the plug into a wall socket with a suitable power voltage.
  7. Before using the microwave, place a cup of water on the turntable, set a high power, and operate the machine several times. This will remove any manufacturing residue or oil that may remain in the oven cavity or heat element.

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