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How to empty the water tank of your Beko Tumble Dryer

If your water tank is full, your tumble dryer will not operate. Here’s how to remove and empty it:

  1. A warning symbol will appear on the display of your tumble dryer at the end of every program reminding you to empty the water tank. If the water tank fills up while a program is running, the warning indicator starts flashing and the machine will pause. You should empty the water tank as soon as the warning symbol appears and then press the start button to continue the program.
  2. Your water tank will either be located at the top of the machine in a drawer or at the bottom of the machine, behind the kick plate. Check your user manual if you are not sure where your water tank is located.
  3. Remove the water tank carefully by pulling it towards you gently.
  4. Empty the water that has collected in the tank.
  5. If there is lint accumulation in the funnel of the water tank, clean it under running water.
  6. Carefully replace the tank by sliding it back into the tumble dryer.

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