How to reverse your tumble dryer door

How to reverse your tumble dryer door

You can reverse the door of your Beko tumble dryer so that it’s easy to access in the space that you have.*

Here’s how to reverse the standard tumble dryer door:

  1. Remove the two screws holding the door hinge to the tumble dryer and carefully remove the door.
  2. Place the door glass side down onto a flat surface (Ideally place a towel underneath it to stop any scratches occurring).
  3. Remove the two screws from the bottom of the door.
  4. Insert a small flat bladed screwdriver into the lower screw and press downwards while unlocking the clip on the inside of the door handle. Flip the glass door over and the outer door cover can then be removed.
  5. Remove the four screws from the handle side of the door to remove the handle support.
  6. Then remove the six screws from the hinge side and remove the inner door support.
  7. Refit the handle support to the opposite side from which it was removed using the four screws which were removed in step 5. Ensure that the screws are not overtightened.
  8. Refit the hinge support back onto the opposite side of the door ensuring that it is correctly aligned with the door frame before refitting the six screws removed in step 6, remembering not to overtighten the screws.
  9. On the outer door cover, rotate the inner cone in the direction of the arrow on the frame until the three fixing locations line up with those on the glass door. Then bring the door glass and frame together.
  10. Turn the door over then, while pressing on the door glass to hold the door stable, rotate the lower section, at the handle, until it locks into place.
  11. Refit the two screws (removed in step 3) to the bottom of the door.
  12. Refit the two screws (from step 1) back into the appliance on what is now the catch side of the door.
  13. Slide the plastic door catch trim upward so the catch mechanism can be removed.
  14. Flip the door catch mechanism over by 180o and refit to the opposite side.
  15. Once in position slide the door catch trim taken off in step 13 back down onto the mechanism to hold it in position.
  16. Remove the two screws which will hold the door hinge to the cabinet.
  17. Then place the door back onto the appliance and using the two screws which were just removed tighten into place.
  18. Finally open and close the door afew times to check its smooth operation.

* Before purchasing a new Beko tumble dryer, it is important to check whether the doors on the desired model can be reversed. Whilst the doors on certain Beko tumble dryers can be reversed to accommodate your needs, this is not the case for all models.

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