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How to stop your tumble dryer making too much noise

If your Beko tumble dryer is being too noisey while it is running, there are a few things you can check:

Is your tumble dryer level?

  1. Check if your tumble dryer is level, if it moves when you rock it gently, you will need to adjust its feet, so it stands level on the ground.
  2. Unplug the tumble dryer then lean it to the side to access both the front and back adjustable feet on that side. Be very careful when lifting, tilting or moving your tumble dryer, whenever possible, have someone assist you.
  3. Turn the adjustable feet to the left or right to change their height, keep doing this until your tumble dryer stands completely level and does not move around when gently rocked.

Are you loading your tumble dryer correctly?

  1. Make sure clothing is inside-out with zips and buttons done up to avoid them knocking and scratching while the machine is running.
  2. Check pockets for any loose items that could come out during the program.
  3. Check that the door of your tumble dryer is fully closed before starting a program.

Do you have a tumble dryer with a heat pump?

Heat pump tumble dryers use a compressor, so it’s not unusual to hear metallic noises while the machine is in operation. It is also normal to hear pumping sounds as water is pumped to the water tank in both heat pump and condenser tumble dryers.

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