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How to cancel the program on your washing machine

You can easily cancel a program that has started on your Beko washing machine if you need to, just follow these steps:

  1. Please note, cancelling the selected program may vary according to your particular model of Beko washing machine, if in doubt, refer to your product manual.
  2. If you just want to change to a different program, turn the program selection dial to the appropriate program and press start. For more information on changing between programs on your washing machine, click here.
  3. If there is a start/pause button on your machine, press the pause button and select a new program and then press start again. Your Beko washing machine will continue with the same water inside to save energy and resources.
  4. If you want to completely cancel the program and drain the water inside, use one of the above methods to change the program to the drain & spin with no spin and press start again.
  5. If Your Beko washing machine has a cancel function on the start/pause button, press it and hold for three seconds to cancel the program. This will automatically drain the water.

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