9 Aug

Tumble Dryers That Are Energy-Efficient & Save Time

We understand how frustrating it is to wait for your dryer’s time-consuming cycle to finish. To help you save time and money, we’ve developed the tumble dryers in our laundry range with RapiDry™ technology to give you shorter, more energy efficient drying cycles; helping you spend less time waiting around for your laundry to dry and more time to spend on the things you love.

What is RapiDry™ technology?

Our RapiDry™ technology comes with some of our heat pump tumble dryers to shorten the length of the drying cycle while maintaining the overall energy efficiency at a cost effective level. Using a high quality heat exchanger and an efficient brushless motor, the overall energy rating of a heat pump tumble dryer with RapiDry™ technology is kept at A+++. When you use RapiDry™ mode, a small additional heater is used to greatly reduce your dryer’s cycle duration, while still drying at A+ rated energy efficiency, helping you to save time as well as keep your energy bills down.

"Speedy drying time"
Graham (8kg Tumble Dryer with Heat Pump Technology DPH8756). Confirmed purchase 26 May 2017;

How is RapiDry™ different to a tumble dryer without it?

In a heat pump tumble dryer, the hot air to dry your clothes is reused to dry your clothes at a lower temperature which offers great energy savings and better care for your laundry, without compromising drying results. In vented and condenser tumble dryers, the hot air that is used to dry your clothes is released after use, which means more energy is wasted. Although the drying times for cycles in heat pump tumble dryers are longer than cycles in vented or condenser dryers, the lower temperature combined with the hot air being reused, helps you to save energy and keep your bills down. The energy saving benefits are clear since condenser and vented tumble dryers are usually rated B or C for energy efficiency, while our heat pump tumble dryers with RapiDry™ technology are rated A+++; offering incredible savings on your utility bills.

RapiDry™ technology gives you the best of both worlds. Since this technology is only available on some of our heat pump tumble dryers, you will be saving energy and money just because of the way heat pump technology works. On top of that, RapiDry™ mode gives you the option of drying your clothes on a shorter cycle while still maintaining high energy efficiency – an A+ rated drying cycle.

Why would I need a tumble dryer with RapiDry™ technology?

Here are the top two benefits of a tumble dryer with RapiDry™ technology:

  • Save time – using an additional small heater, the drying cycles will be shorter with the ability to dry a large-sized load in under two hours.
  • Save money - the cycle’s energy efficiency still remains high, rated A+ in RapiDry™ mode, helping to keep your energy bills down.