How do I remove and clean the filters?

To keep your dishwasher in the best possible condition, it is important to clean your machine’s filters on a regular basis. We recommend cleaning your machine’s filters on a weekly basis, or whenever the filters become clogged. In doing so, you can prevent unwanted smells from occurring, as well as protecting your appliance from damage.

The filters can be removed by turning the coarse filter anti-clockwise and listing it out. Once removed, clear any food residue from the filter and run under a tab. If you have any queries surround which type of filter you have or where it is located, please refer to your manual for guidance. If you have lost of misplaced your manual, click here to download a copy.

For easy-to follow instructions and videos that explain how to clean your dishwasher filter, check out our dedicated how to clean a dishwasher guide. This handy guide also explains how to clean your appliance’s spray arms and exterior.

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