Why does my fridge make noise?

Refrigerators typically make some sound while operating. Determining where the sound is coming from is the first step to understanding what the sound is and whether it is unusual. Each Beko fridge comes with operating noise level information to provide an insight into which fridge is best for open plan kitchens and quiet environments. A minimal running noise is completely normal and is an indication that the air circulation is balanced and your fridge is functioning properly. If your fridge is making a disturbing amount of noise and you think it may have a technical problem, please find our contact details by clicking here.

Why do fridges make noises?

Which fridge noises are normal?

It is important to understand the different noises your fridge makes in order to determine whether or not the sounds are normal or unusual. To help you understand, we have detailed below the normal noises your appliance may make:

  • Cracking or popping sound. If your fridge is making cracking or popping sounds, this may be due to the expansion and contraction of parts during the cooling or warming (defrost) cycle.
  • Bubbling or gurgling sound. If your refrigerator is making gurgling noise or bubbling noises, this may be created by the flow of the refrigerant through the cooling system.
  • Fan noise. As the internal cooling fan spins, the movement of air creates a sound similar to that of a desk fan.
  • Clicking noise. There is no need to worry if your fridge is making clicking noises. Some Beko frost free refrigerators have a defrost timer which makes a clicking sound when coming into or out of a defrost cycle - this is completely normal.
  • Humming or pulsating sound. As the compressor (motor) runs it will create a humming or pulsating noise. However, if fridge compressor noise gets louder over time, contact our customer services.

Which fridge noises are not normal?

If you are concerned about the noises your fridge is making, it is important to assess the appliance to find out where the problem is occurring.* To help you assess whether you need further support, we have detailed below the unusual noises your fridge may make:

  • Grinding, scraping or rattling noise. If your fridge makes rattling noises, it may be that there is an obstruction in the fridge's fan blade, if fitted, e.g. food packaging obstructing the fan blade. Reposition any items that are obstructing the fan blade.
  • Rattling sound. If you hear a rattling sound coming from your fridge, you should first check the appliance’s position. It may be that the sides or back of the fridge is too close to a surface. There must be appropriate air ventilation around your fridge freezer. Please note, if the appliance is to be placed in a recess in the wall, there must be at least 5cm distance between the fridge and the ceiling and at least 5cm distance between the wall and the appliance.
  • No noise. Refrigerators will make some noise whilst operating. If your fridge is making no noise, the interior is not cold enough but the light is on, it may be an indication that there is a fault. For example, your compressor may be damaged. Please contact our customer service experts for guidance.

Why does the compressor on my Beko fridge run for long periods of time?

The compressor on your fridge is designed to keep the appliance at the correct temperature. If you notice your fridge is making a 'whirring' noise for extended periods of time, your compressor is simply working harder to keep it at the right temperature. To reduce the amount of time your compressor is active, ensure the ambient temperature is inside the recommended range for your fridge and avoid opening the fridge door frequently or for extended periods of time. Keeping the door closed will allow the temperature to stabilise. Always make sure the rear wall spacers are used that came with your fridge. To install these, please refer to your product manual's installation instructions. If you cannot find it, don't worry you can download your manual by clicking here.

What can be done to fix noisy fridges?

* Whilst it is important to understand the noises that your fridge makes, we do not recommend that you try to repair the appliance yourself. If you are concern about your appliance and experiencing issues with your fridge please contact Beko’s Customer Service at 0333 207 9710 for assistance. Our expert support team will be more than happy to assist, and organise technical assistance for you.

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