What is an induction hob?

An induction hob is an electric hob that relies on magnetic currents to generate heat. As it is an electric hob, an induction hob can be placed on most work surfaces where there is an electric power source. Thanks to their sleek and modern design, induction hobs are sure to add a stylish touch to your kitchen, blending in seamlessly with your other kitchen appliances. For more information regarding the various technologies available on our induction hobs, please read our detailed hob buying guide.

Our induction hobs feature flat, smooth surfaces which can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. Designed with high quality, durable glass, the surface of our Beko induction hob allows you to move pans from each zone with ease.

induction hobs

How does an induction hob work?

An induction hob works similarly to an electric hob, but it has coils beneath its surface that induce electrical current to generate heat in the pan or metal object. It uses less power and remains cold until you place a pan on it, meaning it uses less energy than other types of electric hobs. Induction hobs are perfect for those who are looking for a quality appliance that works to save you money on your utility bills.

Are induction hobs safe?

The benefits of induction hobs are plentiful. A notable feature of an induction hob is the level of safety it brings to a kitchen. When a pan is removed from a cooking zone, the induction current breaks and heat begins to reduce straight away. Because only the surface area of your pan is heated on an induction hob, the rest of the cooking zone remains cool, helping protect you and your family from burns. When using an induction hob, ferrous metal pans are required. Without a magnetic material, heat will not be able to transfer from the hob to the pan effectively.

For more information about the different types of hobs Beko offers, please read our dedicated hob buying guide. Alternatively, if you have all the information you need, why not browse our full range of Beko hobs.

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