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How can I stop my washing machine from smelling?

Washing machines work hard to keep your clothes clean and fresh, so we’d recommend giving your washing machine a clean from time to time too. Residues of softener, detergent and dirt may accumulate in your machine over time, causing some unpleasant odours. Follow these steps and your washing machine will smell fresh again in no time:

  1. Put a maximum of 100g of anti-limescale powder into the main wash detergent compartment, before starting the programme.
  2. If the anti-limescale is in tablet form, place one tablet into the second compartment.
  3. Run the programme without any laundry in the machine.
  4. Dry the inside of the drum with a clean cloth.

These steps should help the cleanliness of your washing machine along. However, some Beko washing machines have dedicated programmes to aid in this process. Select the Drum Cleaning programme, or use the Cottons-90 programme and select either the Additional Water or the Extra Rinse auxiliary functions, followed by repeating the suggested steps above.For more information on how to clean your machine’s drum, its detergent drawer, body and control panel, or its water intake filters, consult your manual. Can’t find it? Not to worry – search for it here.

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