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What does a multi-function oven do?

A multi-function oven acts as a baking, roasting, grilling, and defrosting device in one stylish and convenient appliance, meaning you can make a healthy, grilled fish dinner, bake a Victoria sponge, or cook a roast for all the family all in one sleek appliance. This oven has features ranging from a defrosting function which facilitates quick and hygienic food thawing to fan-assisted ovens evenly circulate heat to provide consistent baking – perfect for cupcakes and roasting. This multi-function oven offers 3d cooking by simultaneously using heat from the bottom heater, upper heater, and fan heater so you can cook up to three recipes at the same time, freeing up time for all to enjoy. For baking large batches of cookies or big Sunday roasts, this oven is equipped with an extra-large, 55mm family tray – providing you with 21% larger cooking area.

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