How do I clean my Washing Machine?

How to clean a washing machine

Banish bad odours and prevent limescale with our washing machine cleaning guide.

Cleaning the detergent drawer:

It’s a good idea to remove and clean the detergent drawer after every four to five uses of the washing machine as the drawer can quickly build up detergent deposits and make it harder for the detergent and fabric softener to travel into the drum..

  1. Make sure the washing machine is turned off.
  2. To remove, slide the drawer open and press on the top of the plastic covering the softener compartment (usually the middle compartment in the drawer)
  3.  Pull the drawer while pressing and it will remove from the machine
  4. The softener compartment cover, detergent compartment cover and the inner funnel for the detergent can all be removed from the main drawer and everything can be washed in warm water using a washing up brush.
  5. Use a toothbrush to reach the corners of the drawer and the fittings.
  6. While the drawer is removed, clean the underside of the drawer housing with a brush.
  7. When all the drawer parts are dry, fit them back together and the drawer can be slid back into the washing machine.

Cleaning the drum:

You should regularly clean the washing machine drum as residue from dirt and detergent and bacteria can build up over time.

  1. Make sure the drum is empty.
  2. Add washing machine limescale remover / descaler powder or tablet into the detergent drawer.
  3. Run the machine on a cotton cycle at a hot temperature (70°C or above).
  4. Alternatively, many of our washing machines include a Drum Clean programme which removes the bacteria that builds up and cleans the drum at a hot 70°C.
  5. Use the ‘Extra Rinse’ option but do not use the ‘Prewash’ option.
  6. When the cycle has finished wipe the inside of the machine with a cloth to remove any excess water
  7. If you can, leave the door open to allow the drum to air for some time after the cleaning cycle.

For our guide to keeping your washing machine in top condition, watch this video

More information can be found in your washing machine's manual. Can't find yours? You can download it here.

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