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How to solve the problems that cause extended washing cycles

If your Beko washing machine is taking longer than it should to complete programs, there are a few things you can check which may be causing the issue:

  1. Are you loading the machine correctly? Single absorbent items such as dressing gowns and towels will soak up too much water causing the machine to be off-balanced which can affect the spin cycle. If you think this might be an issue check out our guide to correctly loading your Beko washing machine for the best results.
  2. Have you selected the right programme for your laundry’s fabric type? Different fabric types require the relevant program to be selected and also the right sized load to get the best results and to make sure your washing machine can work as efficiently as possible. Our guide to loading your machine for different fabric types can help.
  3. Are you overfilling the detergent drawer? Too much detergent and softener can cause excessive foaming inside your machine which can affect the wash and spin. Our guide to loading and storing detergent.
  4. Is the pump or filter dirty or blocked? This can lead to extended washing cycles. See how to remove and clean the pump filter.

If you notice your Beko washing machine is not holding on to water during programs, you may have an issue with siphonage. This guide will show you how to solve this issue.

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