Why is the bottom of the inside of my fridge wet?

Finding water pooling in the bottom of your fridge can be concerning. It may be that your fridge is leaking water inside or that your fridge leaking water underneath. To help you understand why water may be collecting in or around your fridge, we’ve put together a handy guide which explains why this happens and how to fix it.

Why is my fridge wet inside?

Drops of water or ice on the back of your fridge are a completely normal part of your Beko fridge's design. The condensation in your fridge will run down the rear wall into a drip tray. Here, they will naturally evaporate into the atmosphere due to the heat of the compressor. Please note: it is important not to let any items in the fridge come into contact with the back wall as they will divert the water, resulting in water in the fridge.

If your fridge is leaking excessively, it is important to locate check your appliance to see if you can locate the cause of the issue. A leaking fridge can be caused by a number of different factors. To help you locate the problem, we have detailed the main causes of a leaking fridge below:

  1. Water drainage channel is blocked.

    If your fridge is leaking water it may be that the condensation water drainage channel is blocked. You can locate this on the bottom of your fridge’s interior. After drying the area, clean the drainage outlet hole with the supplied plunger or similar item. To prevent the water drainage channel being blocked in the future, it is important to clean the drainage channel regularly to prevent water collecting inside your appliance.

  2. There is a build-up of ice/frost.

    Ice can build up on the back wall of your fridge for a number of reasons. If your appliance has an excessive amount of ice in its interior, water will not be able to drain correctly. To prevent ice/frost build up, make sure that you are not overfilling your fridge. It is also important to make sure that you are not leaving your fridge door open for extended periods of time. This is because the build-up of frost inside a fridge/freezer is caused by an interaction between warm and cold air. Alternatively, it could be that your appliance’s seals are damaged. In this case, we recommend contacting our customer service team at 0333 207 9710.

    If you notice a build-up of ice/frost inside your fridge, you may need to defrost your appliance. To find out how to defrost your appliance, please refer to your appliances manual for guidance. If you have misplaced your manual, don't worry you can download your appliance manual here. Alternatively, if you are defrosting a fridge freezer, read our detailed how to defrost your freezer guide.

  3. Water leaking onto the floor under the fridge.

    There could be an issue with the drip tray located on top of the compressor. Firstly, unplug the appliance and be careful, the compressor can be very hot. Then, inspect the drip tray located on top of the compressor at the rear of the appliance. Ensure it is fitted securely to the compressor and not damaged. If necessary, the drip tray should be cleaned in situ with a damp sponge or cloth. Again, ensure that the appliance is unplugged first and be aware that the compressor could be very hot.

Need Product Support?

Although it can be concerning to find water in the bottom of your fridge, as outlined there are a number of ways to locate and solve the issue. However, if the problem persists please contact Beko’s Customer Service at 0333 207 9710 for assistance. Our expert support team will be more than happy to assist and organise technical assistance for you.

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