There are droplets of water or ice on the rear wall of my fridge - is this normal?

Why is there ice in my fridge?

Drops of water or ice on the back of your fridge are a completely normal part of your Beko fridge's design. They will run down the rear wall into a drip tray where they will naturally evaporate into the atmosphere. Due to this, we don't recommend letting any items in the fridge come into contact with the back wall as they will divert the water and make these items wet.

  • During the compressor on cycle, you may find ice on the back wall of your fridge. As aforementioned, this is a completely normal part of your Beko fridges design.
  • When the compressor is off, this ice will defrost and the water will run from the evaporator into a drain channel.
  • The defrosted water will accumulate in a reservoir near the compressor where it is evaporated due to the compressor’s heat.

Why is my fridge frosting up?

While it is normal to find a small amount of water or ice on the back of your fridge, it is not normal for there to be large amounts of frost/ice build-up inside your appliance. If you are finding that your fridge is densely covered in ice, follow the below steps to try and resolve the issue.

  1. Check your fridge’s temperature. The recommended temperature for a refrigerator is between 4°C and 5°C. If you are finding large amounts of frost or ice in your fridge, it may be that your temperature is set too low. To find out how to adjust the temperature on your appliance, please click here. For more information regarding your fridge’s temperature, read our detailed fridge temperature guide.
  2. Keep the fridge’s door closed as often as possible. The build-up of frost inside a fridge/freezer is caused by an interaction between warm and cold air. By leaving your appliances door open too frequently, you are increasing the likelihood of frost and ice. To prevent this, try not to open your fridge’s door too often. When using the appliance, make sure the door is not left open for very long.
  3. Check your appliance for cracks or seal tears. As previously stated, finding an excessive amount of ice in a fridge is often caused by an interaction between warm and cold air. If your appliance’s door seals contain cracks or tears, warm air can enter your fridge. In this case, you should contact Beko’s Customer Service at 0333 207 9710 for assistance. Our expert support team will be more than happy to assist and organise technical assistance for you.
  4. Make sure no items are contact with the rear wall of the fridge. Food or packaging touching the rear wall of the fridge can cause ice balls to form on the rear wall and also puddles of water to form on the glass shelves.

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