What is a range cooker?

When considering a new cooking appliance, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the choice on offer. At Beko we offer a large range of cooking appliances, including built-in ovens, range cookers and freestanding cookers. To help narrow down your choice, we've pulled together this handy guide which explains what a range cooker is and the benefits it may have for your family.

What is an integrated fridge freezer

Perfect for larger families and those who love cooking, range cookers combine multiple ovens and a hob in one appliance. Designed with flexibility in mind, a range cooker is a freestanding cooker that usually comes with three ovens, a selection of hob burners and a grill. Range cookers are often traditional in design, acting as a centrepiece for your kitchen.

Our Beko range cookers feature a choice of three hob types: induction, ceramic, or gas hobs. All these hob options provide cooking flexibility and include innovative technologies to save you time in the kitchen. Additionally, our Beko range cookers are offered in two fuel types: dual fuel and electric. When deciding on the right range cooker for your kitchen, consider the fuel type that best suits your home.

What are the benefits of range cookers?

What is an integrated fridge freezer

Beko range cookers offer ultimate kitchen flexibility. With large capacity ovens, and hobs with up to seven burners, range cookers make light work of batch cooking, helping you spend less time on cooking and more time with those you love.

  1. Style - A range cooker is more than just an appliance, it's a striking kitchen centrepiece. While built-in ovens and hobs are made to blend seamlessly into your home, a range cooker is designed to be seen, adding character and style to your kitchen. Available in black and stainless steel, we're certain you'll find the perfect model in our range.
  2. Size - Perfect for larger families, a range cooker offers greater cooking flexibility, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. With large capacity ovens and hobs with up to seven burners, a range cooker adds versatility to the kitchen, offering more space for batch cooking. Our range cookers are available in 100cm width and 90cm width, helping you find the perfect fit for your home.
  3. Convenience - A range cooker combines multiple cooking appliances, featuring numerous ovens, a hob and a grill. By purchasing a range cooker, you are essentially purchasing multiple appliances in one, saving space and money in the process.

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If you are considering purchasing a range cooker, why not explore our full range of range cookers. Featuring dual fuel or electric fuel types, as well as induction, gas or ceramic hobs, there's a Beko range cooker for every home.

Or, if you need more information about Beko range cookers, please read our dedicated range cooker buying guide.

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